• 44 Ramat Street G.R.A. Maiduguri. Borno, Nigeria.
  • +234 (0) 803 618 8344
  • 44 Ramat Street G.R.A. Maiduguri. Borno, Nigeria.
  • +234 (0) 803 618 8344

Ongoing Projects

In order to create the necessary succor to these groups, the Foundation has initiated among many projects, programmes and activities as:

The need to meet a considerable support for child development is herculean. We seek support and sponsorship to help meet this growing and disturbing challenge through partnership and provision of the following NEEDS –

  • education
  • medical care & support – drugs, first aid box, etc
  • clothing
  • beddings
  • confectioneries
  • relief materials – plastic sheetings, tarpaulins, plastic buckets, stainless steel, kitchen sets, blankets in various sizes and designs, sleeping mats (water wear and tear proof), jerry cans (10L and 20L)
  • Hygiene and female dignify kits – soaps, razor, sanitary napkins, laundry soaps, tooth brushes, tooth paste, towels, etc;
  • water filter bags
  • mosquito nets
  • solar lamps
  • fire extinguishers

Empowering the widows will go a long way in developing and helping them in meeting the sole responsibilities of the household after the demise of their husbands. Specific actions to meet this will focus on providing the following:

  • Life skill training, livelihood and empowerment
  • Adult education
  • Medical care and support
  • Psychological support
  • Identified interests in the following vocation development and empowerment trainings in:
    • Animal feed production
    • Bakery
    • Fashion & garment making
    • Food production/processing comprising processing of agricultural products
    • Leatherworks: footwear, bags, etc
    • Meat processing
    • Quick service restaurant
    • Soap and detergent making
    • Grocery packaging,
    • etc.
  • Provision of kits as – cooking kits to deal with the global challenge of climate change and deforestation.
  • Provision of hybrid and farm inputs to help the livelihood & empowerment of the widows

The Foundation is in need of the following facilities and infrastructure as well as:

  • Seed capital for enterprises/vocation development
  • Modern farm implements for agricultural development and empowerment of widows and youth in the promotion of the world-of-work
  • Construction of and improvement on infrastructure – road network, drainage, sewage system, water supply, etc.
  • Security for the farm/plantation settlement – security fence, gadgets, etc.
  • Project farm vehicles
  • Solar systems for school, farmland, entire premises, hostel, workstations, etc
  • Shelter/accommodation, hostels, staff quarters
  • WASH
  • Sporting facilities and accessories as – sport wears, cardigans, special wears, etc
  • Language study laboratories in studying key international languages as – French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, to take advantage of future opportunities in further education, training, job, interpretation roles, international diplomacy, international peace advocacy movement, etc.

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